14. 11. 2019


El Covo De Jameson, Opčine, Italija
Organizator: Rocket Panda Management

Stonebride (Zagreb, CRO) 
»...Still very much an underground act, STONEBRIDE have been active since 2005 and as you either know, or are about to find out here, are quite an amazing unit. The quartet – Sinisa (vocals, guitar), Steps (drums), Tjesimir (guitar) and Alen (bass) – have an infectious style and sound about them. Both are well-rooted in 90s era grunge and alternative rock but such that is augmented with progressive rock, psychedelia and stoner / desert rock flavoring. It is all so alluring, while walking a fine line between aggressive moments and other more sedate, halyconic deliveries. Riff-centered songs are unfolded with ample amounts of groove, emotion and airier nuances, then topped off with powerful vocals...« (Riff Relevant)

NEW EP - Animals on Display (2018):

9. 12. 2013Stonebride / Novice
23. 9. 2015Stonebride / Novice
6. 4. 2011Stonebride / Novice
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