27. 10. 2018

Witchfinder, Vu Garde, Interhell

Derwisch, Dunaj, Avstrija
Organizator: Ultraviolence Records

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents:

France | doom | stoner

With slow and repeating heavy riffs Witchfinder is moving through the different varieties between Sleep, Monolord and Electric Wizard. After the weedy infused stuff of the first album, the second opus, which promises to be even darker, will be almost entirely devoted to esoteric culture, Ouija invocations and the myths of the Coven!

Vu Garde
Klagenfurt | desert rock | psych

Follow us on the journey from the deepest deserts to the sacred sites of voodoo priests and witches, dark woods and places for fairy creatures. The human experience from the psychedelic site of the mind.

Vienna | instrumental | doom | stoner

Interhell is bringing instrumental stoner/doom to the people. Not the psychy way, but the heavy way.

+ 60s & 70s Psychedelic Rock Aftershow Party with Skipthru & DJ Yellow King!

18. 9. 2008Witchfinder General / Novice
15. 11. 2006Witchfinder General / Novice
20. 5. 2019
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23. 5. 2019
Domorodni četrtki: Monstrumental
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Koncertna dvorana Rog, Ljubljana